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Reglogic Software
Free Screensavers

Reglogic Software produces software for children in Portuguese language.
You can get a description and access to demos clicking in box "Home" above.
For the international audience we offer some animated screensavers with original pictures and music.


To download to your PC a free screensaver installer, double click on the selected link below with left key of the mouse and then in box "File download" select the second option "Save this file to disk" (depending on traffic it may take some seconds before next box to appear).
In the next box "Save as" select the disk-folder of your PC where the installer of the screensaver will be stored (before Entering "Save" please confirm that File Type is "Application"),
Once the *.exe file is installed on your PC, you can disconnect from the www.
In your PC then click/double click/open/run it and follow the instructions.
The screen saver will be easily installed in your windows system.
Instructions to delete the screensaver are give in the installation programme.
Have fun.

Crazy taxi


Double click and save to your PC the installation programme of the screensavers above.

Only for Windows 95, 98, etc.
Recommended screen size 800*600, full color.
Adjust volume sound before running.